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So you’re interested in the MOTHER/Earthbound series

But you’re just too lazy to find the games by yourself, right? Worry not.


I see a lot of people around here saying they’re interested in the series but they can’t find the roms and stuff. That’s why I made a .rar with all of the three games (EarthBound Zero, EarthBound and the english-translated MOTHER 3 rom) with the respective emulators and some other useful stuff like the EarthBound Zero’s easy patch (if you patch the game with this, the exp you gain after battles will be like in EB and the game will get easier, making it friendlier for any kind of gamer) for those who want to experience the original NES version of the game instead of the GBA one (which is  also included in the .rar)

You can download the whole thing here.

As a tip, I would recommend you to play the games in the right order (EarthBound Zero, EarthBound and then MOTHER 3), since well, they work as one big story, so EB and M3 are obviously sequels.

I recommend you to read this before starting the first game as well, it includes a lot of tips that will hopefully help you enjoy the game much more.

Also, please keep in mind that Nintendo recently released EarthBound for the Wii U’s virtual console. So if you own the console you might want to support the games and actually buy it instead of emulating it, but that’s up to you.

P.S.: If you’re already a fan of the series, please reblog this so more people can see it and get into these games.

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